Listening To Your Life: Becoming Your Best Self in 2019

2:00PM-4:30PM • Saturday, January 12, 2019 • $49


One Goal-Setting Journal + coffee and light snacks included.

About The Workshop

It’s January and the start of a new year. Ready or not, eh?

Like most people, you’d probably love for your 2019 to be even better than your 2018. But how does that happen? Surely not just by accident.

Wait a minute . . . goals! That’s it! 

But maybe you’ve set goals in the past—goals that never really went anywhere. You’re not alone. We’ve all been there.

Here’s a thought. What if you could start this year out with a clearer sense of who you are uniquely, and what you’re made to do? What if you could use that clarity about yourself to set new, life-changing and life-giving goals for 2019?

Best of all, what if you could do all of that during a guided, reflective afternoon workshop?

This 2 ½ hour Saturday session is designed for adults of all ages. Our time together will alternate between inspirational guidance on how to listen to the best parts of your life, and times for personal reflection. You’ll also receive a Goal-Setting Journal to help you as you listen and set goals so you can be yourself well in 2019.

By the time you leave our time together, you’ll have all your goals set and scheduled. Imagine that! Details below.

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Presentation, Reflection & Discussion

Date & Time

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Leaf Institute of Art & Vocation
1278 Pendleton St, Greenville, SC 29611



Age / Level

College age and up



Back in 2009 when Will Gray was a professor at Clemson University, he was tasked with teaching a class for seniors on landing your career job. In the process, Will realized that his students benefited the most from rethinking their path in the world. Some even changed their majors. That class became the foundation for Vocationality. Since then, Dr. Gray has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals discover their identity and how to harness it through ALIGN (for organizations) and Vocationality (for individuals).

Will brings a unique background to Vocationality, including a PhD from the University of St Andrews, several years as a Creative Director, a sense of humor, and a passion for meaningful conversation.