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 Leaf Fellowship Application

Applications are due by Monday, July 22, 2019.


We are now accepting applications for our first year of Leaf Fellowship, and are excited as to whom God will call to participate. Acceptance into this program is dependent upon your answers in your completed application, but it is not the only factor taken into consideration. Your application will be reviewed based upon your spiritual maturity, your ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the program, and our aim at meeting a diverse class profile.

We are seeking diversity within each fellowship. At Leaf Institute we seek to assemble a gathering of men and women diverse in race, church membership, industry sector & business model (non-profit, entrepreneur, for-profit). We believe that the environment of learning is significantly enriched through a variety of life experiences of mature Christ followers intent on integrating their faith & work. Different viewpoints offer various insights which promotes discernment that leads to wisdom. This class in not a conduit for information intake, rather we are praying that the Lord would use it to transform us, our community, and our culture while drawing us into to greater unity with Him. 


Please be sure to read the program description and requirements before completing this application. The next step will then be to fill out the following application. It takes about thirty minutes to complete since there are several short-answer questions required.

With regards to the short answer component, please be brief with your answers. All of them can be answered in a few sentences and the ones that do require a little more, please write no more than a few brief paragraphs.

NOTE: You must complete the application in its entirety before submitting it. You will NOT be able to save the application mid-way through and come back later. However, if you are unexpectedly interrupted, then you are able to print (but NOT save) the portion you have already completed. Another option is to copy the elements below, paste them in a word processing document and save it. Take your time to answer your questions in your own document, and then come back to this live site and insert your answers by cutting and pasting. 

Applicant Information
Name *
Date of Birth
Date of Birth
Phone *
Cohort Preference
Please select the Cohort that you prefer: * *
You may select both if you are flexible, and we will discuss placement with you as cohorts fill.
Current Employment
Business Address *
Business Address
Please provide two recommendations of individuals who can speak to your character, Christian faith, and vocational path. Your pastor must be one of the two recommendations. No family members, please.
First Recommendation
Name (First Recommendation) *
Name (First Recommendation)
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Second Recommendation
Name (Second Recommendation) *
Name (Second Recommendation)
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Background & Expectations
Statement of Commitment
Please check these boxes indicating your agreement to the following statements.
Commitment to Purpose & Core Beliefs *
Commitment to the Journey *
Affirmation & Authorization
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Name (This serves as your digital signature to the above statements) *
Name (This serves as your digital signature to the above statements)
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