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12-2PM Tuesday, April 23, 2019 • $25 Lunch & Speaker


 A monthly luncheon for business leaders who care about human flourishing


About Our April Event


What are the core elements of a flourishing business?

When you walk into a business, what  might lead you to think it’s a flourishing company, as opposed to just business as usual?

We’ll tee up the conversation with the story of the Seattle Seahawks and their transformation under coach Pete Carroll.

Then we’ll work as a group to identify the elements of business as usual, contrasted with elements of flourishing.

Our goal: to help you come away with a specific list of elements you can begin applying to your organization to increase flourishing.


Is Greenville the new Napa Valley?

You know Napa Valley, right? You think of them for their great wine, but for a long time what they produced was so second-tier that they sold it by the gallon. It wasn’t until vineyard owners started getting together regularly and sharing what they knew that the region began to produce world class wine. They started sharing, and then they started flourishing.

Dr. Will Gray sharing about insights from the Ritz Carlton’s leadership summit, at Flourishment February. Every month there is a drawing for a bottle of wine from Napa Valley.

It’s the same in the business world of Upstate, SC. Many of us care deeply about building organizations that help employees, customers, and our community flourish. Many are already doing that in our own corners. However, as we looked around, we didn’t see anywhere we could get together as leaders and share what we’ve learned about growing our businesses and people. How to flourish.

So . . . we created Flourishment.

Every month we get together for lunch, a thought-provoking talk, and then—most importantly—discussion where we start personalizing the topic to our own businesses.

What is Flourishment?

Flourishment is a monthly event where business leaders get together to share ideas, learn, and grow. It’s especially powerful for leadership teams, and a way for them to get outside the day-to-day operations of the business, meet other leaders doing incredible things in the community, and work out new ways to help their organization flourish.

If you’re a business leader who cares about human flourishing, and who sees it as a key part of business success, Flourishment is for you. 

Flourishment is NOT:

  • a networking event, or a place where you’ll “get pitched” to buy something by sales people or real estate agents.

  • a “Lunch & Learn” where we sit back and hear a great speech and then return to our businesses as usual.

  • just for CEOs. There are already great organizations for CEOs—just not for entire leadership teams.

  • for everyone. It’s geared towards people who are leading something, or helping to lead something.

Flourishment IS:

  • for leaders and their leadership teams who are building something and leading people.

  • for people who care about the idea of flourishing and growth.

  • a “Lunch & Do.” There is always a significant amount of time to workshop what you are learning, so you can begin applying it to your organization. We learn by doing. We grow by doing. Let’s do.

  • a time to meet other amazing doers you might not otherwise meet—because they are busy doing!

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